About Us

Arabian Company for Oils & Derivatives ( Masafee)  is a private Egyptian Company, 95 % owned by Gulf Chemicals and Industrial Oils company (GCIR in KSA), based in Suez Governorate. Masafi has been re-refining and recycling waste lube oil since 2012. Masafi is re-refining waste lubricants oils, collected in Egypt, to produce high grades of base lube oils through applying one of the most innovative technologies in the world to ensure the best qualities that are satisfied the blenders’ needs in the market. 

Masafee's products have the highest and unique quality in the Egyptian and Middle East markets. The company produces no waste and reduces the demand for importing base lube oil Group I. In addition to the company’s products have a significantly small carbon footprint compared with virgin base oils. This enhances us a natural partner and key player for organizations that are concerned about protecting the environment and climate change challenges. 


Our Vision

To be a leading manufacturer of re-refined base lube oils in Egypt , Africa and Middle East.

Our Mission

Our mission is re-refining the waste lube oils using advanced and green technologies to produce high quality and eco-friendly products and services for our customers through maintained, safe, standardized and controlled work practices.

Why to choose Masafee

Over the years, we have gained our customers’ respect and confidence.
High quality, short lead times and competitive pricing are the main factors that made our plant
a distinguished and trusted provider of re refined base oil.

Quality policy

Masafee provides consistently base lube oils products that meet API standards for Group I. Masafi ensures that the company’s products meet our customers’ needs, requirements and satisfactions.
Advanced programs have been giving for all employees in the company to enable each one to do his/her job rightly and to apply the best practices.